How to start?
Before you first use your Window Mates soak both sides in the soapy water for 4 - 5 mins. You will notice the sponges have expanded 20% larger. Then you can apply detergent directly onto the sponges so it will glides eaiser.

What is the white string for?
It is the safety cord for the external side of the Window Mate, which you use to tie to your finger or any fixture in case it gets seperated, this way it will only fall as far as the safety cord.

What does the directional cleaner mean?
The sponges are to wash the glass and blades to dry it. So you need to follow the direction which the sponges are pointing to. If you go the opposite direction, it will seperate the windowmates.

It seems not streak free, why is that?
Check the blades to make sure they are not bent and distorted in shap. If they are, soak the blades part in the hot boiling water for 10 to 30 seconds. The blades will then change back to the original shape it was made.

My windowmates are not gliding and it seems hopping on the window, why?
The detergent that you put in either does not have enough glicerin in it or you have not apply enough detergent on them. Your detergent would be neutralized by the pollutant on the windows so you may need to add detergent onto the bowl of water after you wash a few dirty windows.

What kind of detergent I should use?
The 99 cents detergents from Coles & Aldi seem to work fine on the windows. Morning Fresh seems to create lots of bubbles but glicerin is not as much as the home brand ones, so you may find it hard to glide with Morning Fresh.

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