Window Mates®, The Original

The best thing for windows since glass!

Window Mates®

Window Mates®, The Original

Window Mates® are a magnetic window cleaner. Their heavy duty durable frame encases specialized magnets designed for this specific use. Multi-storey building windows are no longer a problem, as the Window Mates® are ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach outside windows (providing you have access to the exterior of the window) while remaining indoors. A safety cord attached to the external half of the unit provides protection against accidental dropping. It is important to note that the Window Mates® completely eliminate the need for use of harmful chemical or toxic substances often associated with cleaning. All you need is water and washing up detergent and clean, sparkling, streak-free windows are only a step away!

Explore The Models

For Sash window, Sliding window, fully framed shower screen, partly framed shower screen under

Window Mates®WM500

Window Mates® WM500 For 3mm - 10mm Thickness Glass

Window Mates® WM500
Works great with 3mm - 10mm Thickness Glass Perfect cleaning results for Sash window, Sliding window, Fully or Partly framed shower screen

Window Mates® Features

Washes & Dries Both sides At The Same Time

Streak free, Heavy duty

Magnetic, Durable, The Original

Swiming Pool Fence & Double Glazed Windows

Window Mates®WM600 & WM700 Double Glazed

Window Mates® WM600 For 10 - 15mm Thickness Glass

Window Mates® WM600
Works great with 10 - 15mm Thickness Glass

Perfect cleaning results for Swimming pool fence and high rise sliding door, balustrade etc

Window Mates® WM700 Up to 28mm Low E Glass or Up to 32mm Standard Glass

Window Mates® WM700 Double Glazed
Works great with Up to 28mm Low E Glass or Up to 32mm Standard Glass

Perfect cleaning results for Snowy mountain area with double glazed window, Canberra new building site etc

Window Mates® Reviews

Best cleaning tool ever...

John Doe

It works like magic, will buy again!

So awesome

Anne Le

It worked really well for glass poll fence. 100% Recomended

Saves time, Reliable and robust...


I am a frequent buyer of windows mates for end of lease cleaning business, Saves time, Reliable and robust!

Someone recently bought a

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